The Performance Lab

New to The Bosworth Clinic is the VALD Force Decks & Dynamometer Profiling, led by Physiotherapist Alan Hazlett. Our profiling assessments will measure and detect force produced during testing to optimise rehabilitation and recovery after injury.

Our new assessments from The Performance Lab are designed to provide accurate and personalised information through the use of specialist equipment, data and expertise – resulting in reliable feedback to develop physical capabilities and best manage injury prevention and performance.

Our profiling analyses real-time information in a manageable format on the same day.

Our equipment of VALD ForceDecks and Hand Held Dynamometer are used by some of the world’s best teams and athletes.

Force Plates are instruments that detect and measure forces exerted onto the ground during a movement.

They detect and measure accelerations, reactions and imbalances to provide training insights for coaches and to support rehabilitation.

Collectively, this testing with other data such as limb mechanics, can be used to study the posture, power and positions to establish movement efficiency.

Hand Held Dynamometry is a machine used to test the strength of individual muscles and muscle groups. We use this device to measure force output of key muscle groups allowing us to see imbalances, asymmetries and weaknesses.

How balanced you are can tell a lot about how you move and how much effort is needed to move you. This includes balance from right to left sides when you do global movements like squats etc. but also includes specific testing around individual joints so we can get to the root cause of any asymmetry.

Strength & Speed
Well developed physical qualities such as eccentric strength have been shown to independently decrease injury risk, and more importantly, specific physical qualities such as lower body strength, speed and aerobic fitness moderate the workload-injury relationship.

The ability to perform is based on aerobic/cardiovascular fitness and we can assess this to see how this can be best improved. This data could be the key to unlock your potential in any aspect of your physical journey, be it
recovery on the football pitch or a hill sprint finish at Park Run.


Strength Profiling (60m)*
– with report £150.00
– report & 4w programme £250.00

*Testing time. Additional 45 minutes prior to warm-up.

Full Athlete Profiling (150m)*
– report and 4w programme £495.00