The Athletic Performance Lab

No matter what level you’re at, performance matters. We have invested in equipment used by the world’s best teams and athletes to provide you with thorough assessments and access to deep insights, enabling you to optimise your performance.

What’s more, we have the expertise to manage it. Alan Hazlett, alongside his role at The Bosworth Clinic, also works with the England Football Team, and has previously supported Team GB where he worked in the world-renowned Intensive Rehabilitation Unit, coordinating, and leading the rehab for Olympic Champions, World champions and Tour de France Winners to name a few.

Using Alan’s expert knowledge and our advanced Athletic Performance Lab profiling, we give you access to the data, the information, the knowledge, the equipment, and the results to help you on your journey.

VALD Force Decks and Hand Held Dynamomoter

Force Plates are instruments that detect and measure forces exerted onto the ground during a movement. The plates detect and measure accelerations, reactions, and athlete imbalances to provide training insights for coaches and to support rehabilitation. Collectively, this testing and data can be used to study the posture, power, and positions of athletes as they move. This information can be combined with other data, such as limb mechanics, to establish an athlete’s movement efficiency.

Hand Held Dynamometry is a machine used to test the strength of individual muscles and muscle groups. We will use this device to individually measure your force output of certain key muscle groups; allowing us to see imbalance, asymmetries, and weaknesses


Return to Play/Competition Profiling (60 mins*)
£150 with report
£250 with report and 4 weeks programmed

Strength Profiling (90 mins*)
£275 with report
£350 with report and 4 weeks programmed

Full Athlete Profiling (150 mins*)
£495 with report and 4 weeks programmed

Physiological Profiling (60 mins*)
£150 with report
£250 with report and 4 weeks programmed

Team / Squad Profiling
Contact for individualised quote

*testing time; additional 45 minutes prior to warm up/prepare

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