A Practical Approach to Loading the SIJ

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Gordon Bosworth has worked within elite sport for many decades and is an experienced, pitch/track/rink side Sports Physio. He is used to having the pressure of assessing and treating athletes and making performance based changes, thereby helping many athletes achieve their maximum potential in the shortest amount of time.

This course brings Gordon Bosworth’s method of systematically assessing how the body works as a team to achieve rapid change. The course will be 80% practical and will focus on the mechanisms (why) rather than the pathology (what), whilst respecting the pathology. Although this course is predominantly a SIJ course, it will include assessing the feet, ankles, knees and hips.

We will assess how SIJ function occurs normally, how it changes when load management fails and the effect/response on the fascial and neural systems. This one-day course is designed to give you a better pragmatic understanding of the effects of dysfunctional loading of
the SIJ, and how to assess and manage these dysfunctions.

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