PB Biomechanics

For anyone who wants to truly understand how they run and what this really means for their performance, regardless of ability or experience, a biomechanical analysis is a highly valuable investment.

Our comprehensive 3D biomechanical running analysis solution is combined with nearly 20 years of experience working in elite sport as an applied biomechanist across a number of Olympic, Paralympic and professional sporting environments.

The running laboratory allows us to not only analyse your unique running style, but also to identify the scientific details that underpin how and why you run a certain way. This in turn helps you to understand why your movement biomechanics are fundamental to allow sensible training decisions, improve performance, and reduce the risk of injury.

We’re bringing the insights that are available to elite athletes to anyone who wants to improve their running technique – after all, what cannot be measured cannot be improved.

How it works

The overall assessment will involve a 60 minute comprehensive and immersive running experience, performed on a state of the art slat based treadmill, across a range of discrete individualised speeds.

A combination of real time objective data with a 3D marker less automatic tracking system, with a fully synchronised 6 high speed camera system allowing for a global 360 degree viewpoint (side / front / rear)

In conjunction with a detailed assessment and quantification of lower body strength diagnostics via bi-lateral instrumented force platforms, to identify the underpinning physical qualities and characteristics of the lower body.

Price: £285