Complimentary S&C 30 Minute ZOOM Series

Throughout March, Strength & Conditioning Coach Ben Young, will be hosting a four part Zoom series discussing common place S&C topics.

Running Series
3 March 12:30pm

Discussing key muscle groups, ground contact, stride length, stride frequency triade, plyometrics and home based calf and quad exercises.

Bullet Proof Backs Series
10 March 12:30pm

Discussing the relationship between lumbar stability and thoracic and hip mobility, activation and trunk strength.

The Rotating Athlete Series
17 March 12:30pm

Discussing commonly observed compensations such as reduced T-spine mobility, reduced LPHC function and over pronation of the knee. Mobilising hip and thoracic, activating the foot and disassociating upper and lower body.

Youth S&C Series
24 March 12:30pm

Myth busting and discussing peak height velocity, learning to train, fundamental movement patterns and training for the demand of the environment.